About Us

The Faculty of Health Sciences at the University of ELShaikh / Abdalla ELBadri was founded on the background of the Technical Health College of ELShaikh Abdallah ELBadri, which was ratified as the first health technology in Sudan aimed at the establishment of the so-called health cadres or medical assistants on 26 November 2017 and was under the Technical Education Corporation before the establishment of the and ratification of University in 2011.

The Health Technical College later became the core for the establishment of the university after it was opened by H.E the President, of the Republic, the Minister of Health and the Governor of the River Nile State in January 2009. All the attendees of the opening appreciated efforts exerted in the establishment of the college whose buildings,  furniture and equipment were donated by Maulana / ELShaikh Abdalla ELBadri brought from China, as an extension of the system which he founded on the College of ELShaikh Abdalla ELBadri Engineering Technology, which later became the core of the University. The Faculty of Health started with four programs in the diplomas: Nursing Diploma – Diploma of Pharmacy – Diploma of Statistics (the first diploma applied in Sudan ) + Diploma of dental assistants.

The first batch was in 2008/2009 and 312 graduated from the College with diplomas in nursing, pharmacy, dentistry and medical statistics. They are now working in various health institutions inside and outside the state of the Nile River with high efficiency according to the appreciation of their seniors.

After the announcement of the university, the Technical College of Health became the Faculty of Health Sciences and Bachelor of Medical Laboratories and Nursing was approved in ( 2012/2013 ) in addition to the first accompanying diplomas.